An established garden is often in need of an adjustment – and sometimes small changes can have a big impact.


Take borders for instance; the correct border balance can be achieved by careful analysis of the current planting scheme – and then amending or introducing new plants or features. We’re not talking about a complete overhaul!

Many garden-lovers struggle with problem gardens or badly laid-out gardens and never get to fully enjoy them. Help is at hand! The Plant Doctor offers you various levels of support to help you get the best from your garden… without fuss.

Look what you can get!

– appraisal of your garden and its plants

– a maintenance year planner, specific to your   garden

– a tree and plant health check

– advice on sourcing and buying plants

– problem-busting advice

– advice on your plants and trees

– sick plant advice.


The Plant Doctor provides these services to you in three levels; gold, silver and bronze. Telephone or e-mail him today for details!